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A Comfort Pillow is for eyes, neck, hands, and abdomen. The gentle weight of each comfort pillow helps to provide a relaxing single to your body.
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Comfort Pillow is the title for this category. Comfort Pillow defines a category of items filled with rice, lavender, and other natural materials. Eye Pillows are the most popular pillows in the Comfort Pillow category. Also contained are pillows for hands, neck, heart, and abdomen.

Why Eye Pillows? Most people have trouble taking time to relax, or finding resources to assist in this desire. The idea of taking some time to do nothing seems selfish and unproductive. Often that is exactly what we need. Eye Pillows cover your eyes and seal out all visual stimuli. It eliminates one less thing for your mind has to deal with. The weight of the eye pillow also provides just enough pressure to acupressure points to trigger a release of tension from the areas of the face around the eye pillow. TheEye Pillow also sends a signal to the vagus nerve that relaxes the whole nervous system. You can add a drop or two of eucalyptus to a tissue under your eye pillow for a refreshing aromatherapy session that help clear sinus congestion. You can also purchase your eye pillow with lavender buds and the rice. Children love theEye Pillows. Our grandchildren will lay for up to 5 minutes. And they like it. Eye Pillows are also very popular with counseling services as a tool for clients, both adults and children.

For those who practice yoga we have the Shavasana dream set. This includes an eye pillow and matching heart shaped hand pillows.  The hand pillows are filled with small pebbles to add in the grounding effect they provide. The neck roll provides weight to shoulders which feels like a relaxing hug.