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Our essential oil wellness accessories help you get the fullest use of your essential oil. Your wellness is the goal of our essential oil accessories.
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Essential oil wellness accessories help to enhance our experience with essential oil.

When I started out as a new massage therapist I used creams and oils to reduce the friction during a massage. As my massage business grew I learned new methods and became aware of what made clients feel better. One item that always was well received was when I would add a drop or two of essential oil to the massage oil or place an essential oil in a diffuser. Either way clients were happier and more relaxed at the end of their massage.

I soon expanded my knowledge of essential oil and found a huge treasure of wellness aids. It inspired me to explore new ways to use essential oils in my business. I created my line of eye pillows which you can place a drop or two of essential oil on and enjoy the aroma of the essential oil.

The Accessories page was items that you can use to enhance your life with essential oils. The gentle pressure of an eye pillow and your favorite essential oil with provide many minutes of relaxation. Our line of diffusers will fill your room with delightful aromas that relax and sooth your mind and body.

I also became a Young Living Independent contractor/consultant. I use their oils in my business and highly recommend you do the same. You can find out more about Young Living products my going to my Young Living web site at http://bit.ly/2oXXrzM