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Essential Oil Diffusers gently mist Essential Oil into your environment. Essential Oil Diffusers provide an aromatherapy solution to your day.
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Essential Oil Diffusers are simple tools to to transform your local environment into an aromatherapy island of wonderful fragrances. How many of you remember the old days when you or someone in your home was sick and your mother brought out the humidifier, or was it the vaporizer? The smell of Vicks Vapor rub? This was the early days of the diffusers we now use. I remember those days well. Having to pour a gallon of water each night so it would be able to run all night. The mess from the spray. Diffusers have come a long way. Our diffusers make the old days a memory and provide great solutions to the problems of yesteryear.

Essential Oil Diffusers come in many sizes and shapes. Their design vary from simple to complex. There are four styles of diffusers:

  • Ultasonic/humidifying diffusers
  • Evaporative diffusers
  • Nebulizer diffusers
  • Heat diffusers

The mist can be adjusted to meet the users desire. High end diffusers can provide music and colored LED light to enhance the users enjoyment. Basic Essential Oil Diffusers can be as simple as an USB stick. A simple diffuser can be a jar or glass filled with water and a number of essential oil drops with reed stick absorbing and diffusing the solution into the air.

Some Essential Oil Diffusers can be used with enclosures or domes. Please be sure to consult your diffusers operating instructions for proper usage.

Technology can create extremely small droplets. Essential Oil Diffusers can use water or the essential oil bottle.