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Essential Oil Blends

Our essential oil blends help you get the fullest use of essential oil. Bringing several oils together you get the best of several oils at once.
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Christmas Spirit Christmas Spirit
Our Price: $16.49
Our Price: $16.49
Citus Fresh Citus Fresh
Our Price: $23.07
Grounding Grounding
Our Price: $26.36
Envision Envision
Our Price: $27.67
Melrose Melrose
Our Price: $28.95
Awaken Awaken
Our Price: $29.97
Peace & Calming II Peace & Calming II
Our Price: $30.30
Gentle Baby Gentle Baby
Our Price: $30.96
Exodus II Exodus II
Our Price: $33.59
En-R-Gee En-R-Gee
Our Price: $35.57
Breathe Breathe
Our Price: $36.88
Our Price: $36.88
Surrender Surrender
Our Price: $37.21
Gratitude Gratitude
Our Price: $37.54
Humility Humility
Our Price: $37.54
Into The Future Into The Future
Our Price: $37.54
Endoflex Endoflex
Our Price: $39.18
White Angelita White Angelita
Our Price: $39.84
JuvaFlex JuvaFlex
Our Price: $39.84
Gathering Gathering
Our Price: $42.14
Stress Away Stress Away
Our Price: $42.14
Inner Child Inner Child
Our Price: $42.14
Oola Balance Oola Balance
Our Price: $42.14

Essential oil have been part of peoples lives for a millennium. Essential oil is mentioned in ancient texts of many civilizations. They have been used in cooking, cosmetics, spiritual and religious rituals. Essential oils have been used from ancient times up to and including today. Looking to the future essential oil will continue to play a major role in future lives.

Essential oils are used in a variety of ways. They can be used in diffusers, relaxing baths, during massages, inhaled, and rubbed into your skin.

Aromas can trigger memories. What do you remember when you smell the aroma of an orange? Can you taste the last orange you ate? What about the aroma of pine, spruce, or a blend created with cinnamon? Does Christmas memories come flooding back into your mind? Perhaps it brings back a time when you were walking in a woods or a forest?

Essential oil has been used to sooth skin conditions. From the first time ancient people realized rubbing a certain plant on their skin to ease an irritation to today, it still works the same way. Why using lavender can even chase away bugs!

Cultures have used essential oil for spiritual and religious ceremonies. We remember frankincense and myrrh as gifts from the three wise men at Christmas time. The aromas activate olfactory receptors and engage regions in the brains limbic system. This brings back memories, emotions, and state of mind.

To learn more about essential oil from my Young Living web site click this link. Then scroll to the top of the page and click on Essential Oils.